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Subway Subway Food/ Beverages/ Catering ,Mauritius 2
Outlet Manager


  • Outlet managers are responsible for company’s outlet performance like personnel management, beverage and foods and other services and operations. They monitor and make sure that there is a smooth running of customer service areas and satisfaction.
  • The outlet manager interacts with their clients in order to make sure that satisfaction and promotion of facilities and services are adequately met. An outlet manager communicates with other departments in order make sure that customers’ needs are satisfied and met. They make sure that good handling of cash is properly followed. They also deal with customer’s complaint and listen with some feedbacks so as to improve their services.
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F&B Manager

-A Food & Beverage Manager forecasts, plans and controls the ordering of food and beverages (drinks) for a hospitality property. He also manages the finances related to the whole process of purchasing food and drink for the restaurant premises. 'Purchasing' includes sourcing, ordering and transporting of F&B.


-The Food & Beverage Manager reports to the Financial or the General Manager.

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