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Experts consider lack of education and skills mismatches to be principal obstacles for young people in labour markets in about half of the African countries. From this important thrill and among the causes of unemployment in Africa is the mismatch between the qualifications possessed by unemployed and the skills required by employers on the one hand, and the lack of work readiness of the jobseekers.

Keep Moving Co Ltd which is a pan-African company and its social venture TO TRAIN TO EMPLOY are merging their efforts in order to propose to African jobseekers and employers a one of its kind platform and we are planning to make it the #1 job portal in Africa. This merged venture was named 2TRAIN2EMPLOY in 2016.
2TRAIN2EMPLOY is giving job seekers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards within the African continent. As the leading SMART recruitment and learning network, 2TRAIN2EMPLOY has the objective to drive a huge number of targeted applicants to jobs in every field and is the most cost-effective source of candidates for thousands of companies in Africa.
Funded by the United States African Development Foundation (USADF), 2TRAIN2EMPLOY is an innovative concept which merge both skills matching and learning support in order to allow unemployed people to follow focused courses and also find a company which match their skills and aspirations.
Our vision statement is:
“To foster focused training in order to reduce unemployment in Africa by providing the opportunity for a direct match between the demand and supply of companies’ requirements“.
Our vision is to reduce unemployment rate in Africa by 60% in the next 10 years.


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Our Difference

2TRAIN2EMPLOY has been introduced and developed by African innovators for African jobseekers and employers.

We can help you get a job

If the job is online, you will find it on 2TRAIN2EMPLOY. 2TRAIN2EMPLOY enables you to search jobs posted on websites for job adverts in Africa. Employers also post jobs directly on 2TRAIN2EMPLOY. 2TRAIN2EMPLOY is an innovative platform which uses the latest technologies in order to facilitate your job search.

We can help you follow a focused course

With 2TRAIN2EMPLOY, you will be able to gain more knowledge in focused areas by following our online courses through our E-Learning platform. Wherever you are in Africa, you will get access to our online courses and at the time that you chose. This application process to follow our online courses is validated by a team at Keep Moving Co Ltd prior to giving access to the requester.

A simple resume that works for you

Create your 2TRAIN2EMPLOY Resume and let employers find you. With a 2TRAIN2EMPLOY Resume it is easy to apply to jobs posted on 2TRAIN2EMPLOY, even from your smartphone or tablet.

We can help you hire

2TRAIN2EMPLOY for Employers provides easy and effective ways to hire.

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We are present through our training and employment agencies and partners in many African countries.

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