Who we are

Experts consider lack of education and skills mismatches to be principal obstacles for young people in labour markets in about half of the African countries. 

Linkage between unemployment and societal issues:

People who are unemployed are often more susceptible to several challenges, including difficulty in finding future employment and decreased income. Unemployment also impacts society and the economy as a whole. The longer a person is unemployed, the more likely they are to experience potential negative effects and contribute to the multiplier effect that unemployment has on the community.

From this important thrill and among the causes of unemployment in Mauritius is the mismatch between the qualifications possessed by unemployed and the skills required by employers on the one hand, and the lack of work readiness of the jobseekers.

TO TRAIN TO EMPLOY is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which started its operations in 2015 in Mauritius. We have our Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA) approved training centre where industry led courses are being provided in order to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to the trainees who are mostly unemployed people.

We are also helping job seekers free of charge to connect to jobs opportunities from companies and job boards in order to decrease the unemployment rate.  We act as a career guidance for unemployed people and give free counselling.

Our vision statement is:

“To link jobseekers with employers and also to foster focused training in order to reduce unemployment by providing the opportunity for a direct match between the demand and supply of companies’ requirements “.

Important information for Employers: As To Train To Employ is not for profit organisation, all the payments received will contribute towards the expenses to maintain this platform and also to pay the recurring cost to run the NGO. The excess amount will be used for other social projects.

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